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Or you can just stop here: Man Box culture is killing us.

What’s going wrong? Here’s ten years of my writing and research on masculinity in a nutshell → Our dominance-based Man Box culture of masculinity is a deeply harmful closed loop, sustained by the very men who suffer its isolating and traumatizing impact. It’s killing us and those who’s lives we impact. Including those we love.

Man Box culture, the rules for being a man as enforced by our collective dominance-based culture of masculinity, is a closed loop of trauma inflicted on boys beginning in infancy. First it cuts us off from connection and community. …

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“See what you made me do.”

The victim mindset is how male and white supremacists justify violence and murder. It’s the same poisonous frame employed by domestic violence abusers. “See what you made me do.”

Male and white extremist’s target is all of us.

The weaponizing of victimhood is a response baked into our dominance-based man box culture of masculinity. Never self reflect, don’t look at your own culpability, don’t consider how you might change and grow. As men, the problem is ALWAYS external to our group, our gender. Our only way forward is to blame others, double down on dominance.

Extremist recruitment is driven by…

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Savage abuse playing out all around us. Are we broken?

The keen savagery with which some men dish out abuse against women on social media tells us all we need to know about our dominance-based culture of masculinity. It is designed to encourage bullying, violence and rape. It’s all right there in the words.

I can not and will not accept that boys are born this way. All the evidence we have shows that boys are born loving connecting creatures, who, by the time they reach adulthood are broken by a culture of masculinity designed to traumatize them into dominating all those around them.

At best, men are unwilling to…

When my tiny dog lets loose, it’s a mix between an air horn and the first seconds of a high speed car collision.

This is way off the normal subject matter I write about (masculinity and culture) but I’m thinking a LOT of people struggle to get their dogs to stop barking too much and I’m here to show you how.

This is my little cutie pie, lovey dovey, seven pound Toy Poodle, Pomeranian mix. Her name is Lillyput. I love her with all my heart. She is a deeply affectionate, caring little personality.

Also, over the last three years, her barking increased in volume and frequency. She can now take the paint off a battleship with that bark. Seriously. …

To be better men, we must be ready to fail and then fail again.

Men who consider themselves “good men“ but who instantly default to a defensive posture when challenged by women should self reflect on why we’re so obsessed with being right instead of learning more. I mess up on Twitter or in an article. I get called out. I own it. Apologize. Learn. Tis human.

The simple fact is, as men, we can never fully comprehend the vast and nuanced ways women get silenced, spoken over, harassed, abused, assaulted. Too many times I’ve spoken up without understanding the tone, context, wider implications of the moment. …

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One predicts the other. Bank on it.

In man box culture, we teach boys the rules of being a man. The first thing we teach boys is “women are less.”

We do this by policing boys’ and men’s masculinity via the denigration of the feminine. This begins shortly after infancy and goes on continually thereafter. (What are you, a girl? What are you, a sissy?) Eventually, boys under constant bullying and pressure to live up to man box culture’s expectations, engage in public harassment and denigration of women as a shortcut to masculine confirmation.

Once you train boys to think their gender makes them better than girls…

Biden’s holistic view of national security is a game changer.

Yesterday, Joe Cirincione tweeted out comments made by Joe Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan about his mandate as defined by Biden.

Joe Cirincione’s tweet is here.

Cirincione’s tweet reads: In his remarks, Jake Sullivan says @JoeBiden tasked them to “reimagine national security” to include “the pandemic, the economic crisis, the climate crisis, technological disruptions, threats to democracy, racial injustice and inequality in all forms.”

Biden is clearly acknowledging the threat that domestic terrorism represents to our national security, in the form of both masculinity extremists (incels, MRAs, MGTOWs) and white nationalists (proud boys, KKK) which are more or less…

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The battle against GOP white nationalism is only beginning.

Dominance-based authoritarians like Trump hold immense power until the moment in which it starts to slip away. Then they lose it with shocking speed as the cowards that supported him flee the legal and political ramifications of his actions.

Trump is not the source of GOP authoritarianism. He is simply the figurehead. NEVER FORGET, because of it’s collective four year silence, the GOP has invested its entire future in Trump’s strong man white nationalism, trading our democratic rights for his power grab.

The GOP’s collective history predates and foreshadows Trumpism, using racism to win elections since first co-oping racist Southern…

Creating a culture of ongoing chaos and violence feeds MAGA’s core appetites

“Little Ben” is Trump’s classic domination-based masculinity at work. Remember Little Marco? Trump’s base is addicted to bullying domination-based masculine culture which underpins the power of authoritarians like Trump. For them, Trump’s bullying is an extension of their own.

Trump’s abusive, bullying tone is a narcotic to MAGA. Hypocricy, lying, tax fraud, adultry and allowing 210,000+ Americans to die from Covid is fine with them. Their own histories of trauma informs their addictive need for authoritarian leaders.

Creating a culture of ongoing chaos and violence feeds MAGA’s core appetites, born out of generations of untreated trauma and abuse. They call…

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Author REMAKING MANHOOD IN THE AGE OF TRUMP. Order here: Writer/speaker on masculinity

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