I'd just like to note that I never used the term "toxic masculinity" in my entire article. Yet, that is the first thing you spoke of. And then you dumped a screed against feminists. Kinda, seems like you don't care what I wrote about. At all.

Man Box culture is the source of men’s isolation and it begins training us out of connection when we’re babies.

The process is surgical. Man Box culture tells little boys that they’ll have everything they want in the way of connection, friendship, belonging and identity if we just follow the rules of the Man Box.

What are the rules?
• Don’t show your emotions,
• Be a breadwinner
• Be a…

Too many men fail to see the most base and insidious kind of misdirection.

The big lie about feminists is we don’t care about what’s happening to boys and men. That calling out the deep seated problems in masculine culture means we don’t care. We care deeply. …

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Men’s victimhood is how male supremacists fly under the radar.

This paper, authored in 2016, tells us about TWO DISTINCTIVE branches of MRA voices online, “Cyber Lads” and “Virtual Victims” —The paper, “Masculinities in Cyberspace: An Analysis of Portrayals of Manhood in Men’s Rights Activist Websites” can be downloaded here.

The second category, “virtual victims” is the more subtle recruitment…

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It’s what Niobe Way calls a “crisis of connection.”

Our culture of masculinity is dominance-based. Which means boys and men are trained to validate their masculinity by dominating those around them including women. The result is that beginning in infancy, boys are bullied out of human connection and community. By the time boys reach late adolescence, their suicide rates…

Mark Greene

Author REMAKING MANHOOD IN THE AGE OF TRUMP. Order here: https://www.amazon.com/default/e/B097QKGK2W Writer/speaker on masculinity

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