An Open Letter To Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

If we are lucky enough to win the White House and the Congress, we had better be ready to go hard.

If the Democratic Party overcomes all of the voter suppression, hacking and cheating and wins the White House and majorities in the Congress, they had better be ready to go hard at GOP obstruction, pass laws unilaterally, fully protect the vote, prosecute all crimes committed, end Trump Tax cuts

Working in partnerships with Republicans in any way, shape, or form this time around will end the Democratic Party as a national political party. DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERSHIP MUST PASS EVERY PROGRESSIVE AGENDA YOU’VE AGREED TO. EVERY SINGLE ONE. WITHIN 90 DAYS.

The Democratic Party will have two years to get everything done. All investigations and prosecutions. Ending the horror that is ICE. Weeding white nationalists out of our military, justice department, and police departments. Tracking down domestic terrorists. Ending Citizens United. Adding three seats to the Supreme Court. And impeaching whomever needs it.

Falter even a little. Pause for one moment. Look longingly back at the days when Democrats and Republicans passed bipartisan legislation, and the Republican Party will be sharpening their white nationalist knives to come at us again. Our survival is at stake.

How many prosecutions will be needed to clean up the damage done throughout federal and state governments? But give Trump or the GOP a pass on ANY of the laws broken, on corruption, on graft and genocide, and the Democratic Party is finished. Because America will be finished.

Author REMAKING MANHOOD IN THE AGE OF TRUMP. Order here: Writer/speaker on masculinity