“Barefoot, Pregnant and In The Kitchen” Was Never Intended As a Joke

The men forcing birth on women by making abortion illegal fully understand that women raising children are less likely to show up in the workplace, in politics, in any place where they can challenge the power of conservative men.

Overturning Roe v. Wade is designed to suppress women’s political, educational and professional agency. “Keep them barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen” was never a joke. It’s been the political strategy of conservative men for generations.

White, male and christian supremacists all seek to guarantee that women’s first and only role is to service men and reproduce. This agenda for controlling women is what the Republican Party is codifying into law in Texas, Louisiana and dozens of other states.

If we men, women and non-binary people don’t want to see the next generation of young girls chained to controlling Republican men’s economic, political and sexual subjugation, we damn well better show up and vote in overwhelming numbers.




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Mark Greene

Mark Greene


Working toward a culture of healthy masculinity. Links to our books, podcasts, Youtube and more: http://linktr.ee/RemakingManhood.