Dear J. Apple, I challenge you to do a gender reconciliation workshop. Go into that space and listen to thirty or more women tell their stories about being a women in the world, today, now. Listen as all of them confirm they are still afraid to walk the streets alone at night. Listen to stories of how watchful and careful women have to be. Listen to stories about what happened in their lives when the weren’t careful. What does wrong so very quickly in a world of men, many of which are just bullies.

I cant stress enough how women don’t share these stories, especially with people who they know already discount the level of harm out there. And then there are the stories women have globally. Which older white men like you and I are catastrophically oblivious to.

J Apple, I’m glad your life is comfortable and safe and that the women in your life are not currently being victimized. I’m glad for all that. But please don’t discount the truth of the world just because your comfortable privilege insulates your from it. I have a lot to do, and I can’t keep taking friendly fire from partially woke men who feel the need to temper my views in order to keep their world more comfortable.

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Author THE LITTLE #METOO BOOK FOR MEN Writer/speaker on inclusion, masculinity. BBC, New York Times- http://remakingmanhood

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