Images of DeSantis and Abbott

Dominance-Based Extremism is Now Mainstream in the GOP

They’re not even pretending that rape is a issue to be solved any more. Outlawing abortion in all cases. Giving rapists custody rights. This is white and male supremacy being mainstreamed by the extremist Republican Party. Women are viewed as property. Plain and simple.

And it won’t end with reversing Roe v. Wade. That’s only the beginning. It can’t end with reversing Roe v. Wade. The culture now in place in the Republican Party will no longer allow it. The GOP is now almost exclusively a hierarchical culture of masculine dominance — foundational to which is creating more and more power over others, both internal and external. As such, denigrating and controlling women is crucial to maintaining and increasing status in the hierarchy. Failing to denigrate and control women means losing status, falling down the hierarchy. Fall fall enough and you become a target. It’s a bullying culture of men policing each other, women, everyone.

Alito’s argument for the reversal of Roe v. Wade, (his case for the commodification of girls and women) is the dehumanization of women as masculine validation, central to dominance-based Republican culture. Once that is done, they must have new targets by which to perform ever more dominance. They are already attacking LGBTQI people, BIPOC, voting rights, immigrants, non-Christians and more. But it will accelerate.

We’re well past the tipping point of ever increasing white and male supremacist authoritarianism inside the Republican Party. It can’t ever end because it is driven by internalized cycles of fear of loss of status. However murderous the next idea is, it must be supported.

As bad as they were, this is no longer Reagan or McCain’s Republican Party. The party of Trump, DeSantis, and Abbott is something altogether worse. They are coming for all our rights, everything we have. The next election will decide everything.

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