Hi Joe, Thanks for your comments. I don’t know about other spaces where people are attempting to sell books or newsletters, but the masculinity space is notoriously devoid of any paid salary positions. The books I have written are designed to sincerely help people understand the challenges and opportunities of the issues I write about. I often share the content from those books as articles online so these resources are widely available for free. These articles on Medium for example. The one you just read, in fact.

If I am to keep a roof over my head, and eat regular meals, I must be granted permission to sell my books without it casting doubt on the validity of my voice.

Beyond three books, the decade plus years of work I’ve put into this issue is entirely free of charge. If you still smell a rat, well, I suppose it’s not surprising given the predatory state of the world. But I’m not one of them.

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Author THE LITTLE #METOO BOOK FOR MEN https://www.amazon.com/dp/0983466963 Writer/speaker on inclusion, masculinity. BBC, New York Times- http://remakingmanhood

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