It’s a complex question. Where do you want to locate your work? Do you want to shift the larger cultural ideas about masculinity, ideas that for the time being define women as less? Do you want to instead engage with young men about how to create a more connected empathetic version of masculinity? Do you have grandkids who you’d like to help develop more relational intelligence capacities? Would you like to join a group like the Mankind Project and learn about how and where to do men’s work? Do you want to volunteer at a women’s shelter? You can locate your response to these issues culturally, socially, politically, or in your closer networks. You can simply ask the women in your life to share their stories about this issue and then offer them the gift of being a good listener. What you hear might decide a path for you. The idea is to do something, and like any good doctor, insure that in engaging the issue, first do no harm.

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Author THE LITTLE #METOO BOOK FOR MEN Writer/speaker on inclusion, masculinity. BBC, New York Times- http://remakingmanhood

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