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Mansplaining 101 for Men: Why We Do It

A fear-based need to project competency is at the core of mansplaining. But you already knew that.

I realize that mansplaining is a partisan term that implies a particular bent in the binary gender wars. But terms like mansplaining, which gain widespread use across the entire culture, always have some kernel of truth in them. The problem is, terms like this often get used to browbeat people or shut down conversations. At which point terms like mansplaining create reactivity in all of us, me included.

Want to start a powerful conversation about masculinity with someone in your life? Give them a copy of Mark Greene’s The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

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Written by

Author THE LITTLE #METOO BOOK FOR MEN Writer/speaker on inclusion, masculinity. BBC, New York Times- http://remakingmanhood

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