Photo by Susan Sermoneta

My son, Coronavirus and the Man at the Hot Dog Cart

#FlattenTheCurve and other relevant matters

My son approaches a hotdog cart in New York City today. He tells the man “I only have a dollar, can I get a hotdog?” The man says “No, it’s not enough.” My son starts to walk away. The man says, “Wait come back.”

The man says to my son, “A lot of old people will die soon. Remember me.” Then he gives my son a hotdog.

My son is 14. He calls me to tell me this happened.

If you don’t know what #FlattenTheCurve means, learn now and spread the word. Every decision we make to do social distancing, avoid travel, wash hands, self isolate will save lives and keep our hospitals from getting overwhelmed. That means better treatment for our most vulnerable neighbors. The next days and weeks are crucial.



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