Why Do Men Hide the Benefits They’ve Gotten From Abortion?

Mark Greene
2 min readJun 21, 2023
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

The majority of men remain silent while extremists criminalize abortion.

Countless men have directly benefited from abortion. Few say so. My partner chose to get an abortion when I was a young man. I supported her in making that decision and I benefited from that choice. Other men who are willing to share how they benefited from abortion, please do.

Many of us clearly see in retrospect the inflection point suddenly raising a child in our early 20s would have had on our educations, careers, so on. We saw it at the time it was happening. We would not have the children, relationships, paths in life we have now.

Yet millions of men remain silent about how abortion benefitted us. We are mute as abortion is criminalized by men in the extremist GOP, many of whom have benefited from abortion in the past or hypocritically continue to do so today. Extremists who only seek to control women.

What immense privilege we men exhibit to sit silently on the political sidelines, hiding our own histories of benefitting from abortion while women’s’ right to control their own bodies is criminalized by Christian nationalists and other Republican extremists.

If men made the right to abortion a priority it would become law tomorrow. That’s how powerful men are on this issue. The fact that millions of us have chosen to allow the war on women to play out as the criminalization of abortion all across the US is disgusting.

So enough of this madness. The religious extremists should have never gotten this far. Men need to wake up, get off the sidelines and insure the right to abortion for girls, women and female bodied people. It is a moral imperative based on sound healthcare policy. Get it done.



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