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Why “Good Bloodlines” Won’t Include You

When authoritarians talk about good bloodlines what they‘re really saying is “everyone but me is expendable.”

Because “good bloodlines” is the racist language of eugenics, it signals that the authoritarian leaders who speak this way are deeply entrenched in domination-driven hierarchical models of masculine culture. In these systems, every action is designed to accrue wealth and power to the top. To the leader.

The current response to Covid-19 by authoritarian leaders in Brazil, the US, Russia, shows how authoritarian systems utterly fail to meet the needs of their populations in a crisis. This is because they are inherently flawed by the system’s obsessive ideological suppression of the rich resource that is human diversity.

Deloitte’s growing body of research proves that diverse and inclusive organizations are dramatically more productive, innovative, and produce better long term value creation. As diverse a range of people as possible in top leadership positions is key to optimal performance in any organization, including government. See Deloitte’s research here:

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This is quantifiable and demonstrable proof that the idea of a single superior race, as implied in language like “good bloodlines,” is horseshit.

Leaders who talk about “good bloodlines,” while seeking to accrue all wealth/power to themselves, eliminate innovation and productivity, and grow corruption. The result is inevitable systemic social collapse.

As this inevitable economic and social collapse grows, authoritarian leaders double down on attacking those whose oppose them, sewing chaos and dysfunction, accelerating the spiral down. Supporters, those who fancy themselves having “good bloodlines,” become increasingly expendable.

The pool of those individuals who qualify as having “good bloodlines” shrinks dramatically, because its not actually about bloodlines at all. It’s about who remains useful to the authoritarian in power. If going broke helps him, you will go broke. If dying helps him, you will die.

White nationalism, racism, systems that exclude fully diverse populations from leadership, are dramatically low performing across the board. The more extreme their systemic enforcement of racism, the more quickly they will accelerate internal systemic collapse.

As authoritarians fail, people who are in their inner circle become expendable. Eventually, their so called “good bloodlines” don’t even include their own family members.

So, if you’re banking on your race, class, or religion instead of the dynamic and innovative power of wider human diversity, get ready to be expendable.

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Author THE LITTLE #METOO BOOK FOR MEN Writer/speaker on inclusion, masculinity. BBC, New York Times- http://remakingmanhood

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