Screen grab of Rolling Stone article about the GOP’s coming attack on no-fault divorce.
Screen grab from Rolling Stone.

Why is there a war on women? It’s pretty simple.

Women’s growing power and agency has reached a tipping point.

Mark Greene
1 min readMay 3, 2023


This generation of young women aren’t internalizing patriarchy. The attempt to condition them to accept our dominance-based culture of masculinity’s control over them isn’t working.

This is why so many men can’t get a date.

Him: *Signaling controlling old school masculinity*

Her: Why would I want that?

The result is many men are resorting to hate speech and violence against women in a last ditch attempt to reassert control over them. This includes political violence designed to force women to give birth even to their rapists’ babies.

Conservative men know that women, raising children are less likely to challenge their power in the workplace or in the political sphere. Keeping women, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen isn’t a joke, it’s a political strategy.

Any man continuing to sit silent on the sidelines is culpable. Silence empowers violence against women. Men saying “What about men’s suffering?” empowers men who seek to control women. We all must rise together and that requires men getting fully engaged to end the war on women.

Anything less is just excuses.



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