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Why Push-back Against the Gillette Ad Also Comes From Troll Farms

Mark Greene makes the case for why online male rage is intentionally manufactured.

Some percentage of the “men’s voices” attacking the #GilletteAd is the work of troll farms, driving divisions. Many of the accounts I have seen attacking the ad on Twitter over the last few days have 30 followers and no histories.

  1. My article explains how our culture of manhood trains boys and men into validating themselves via their competencies vs. their authentic selves. It does not mention racism, nor does it refer to men as nazis, rapists or killers. But this author does.
  2. This author refers to non western countries, listing Asia, Africa and South America as places where people live in “dirt shacks.”
  3. The author makes it a point to speak to and for all white western countries.
  1. If we offer equality and access to a western standard of living, we will all end up living in “dirt shacks”.
Sorry, buddy, I’m not sharing your profile name.

Author REMAKING MANHOOD IN THE AGE OF TRUMP. Order here: Writer/speaker on masculinity